Business lending

We have a variety of loans to fit all of your business needs. Because it matters to you, it matters to us.

  • Commercial Term Loans

    When you’re ready to start of grow your business, purchase new equipment, or just need some extra cash to get through the lean times, we can help with a wide variety of financing options. We can work with you to arrange a payment schedule that matches your funding needs.

  • Professional Advantage Line of Credit

    An ideal loan for professionals, i.e. physicians, dentists, attorneys (including loans to their practices), accountants and business leaders. Proceeds used for working capital.

  • Small Business Administration (SBA) Loans

    Government guaranteed loans are ideal for start-ups and growing businesses in need of capital. Learn more at

  • Commercial Lines of Credit

    Ideal for short term working capital needs such as seasonal business changes or inventory and accounts receivable fluctuations.

  • Commercial Mortgage

    Looking to purchase a business property? Whether it’s a building or land you want to purchase, we offer a variety of loan options.

  • Construction Loans

    We offer flexible construction loans when you need to build a new facility, renovate, or add onto an existing building.

  • Letters of Credit

    A bank-backed guarantee of payment. When you’re working with vendors with whom you have limited experience this product will keep the deal moving forward.

How to Apply

Our Commercial Loan application documents are available online. You can download the documents, fill them out and bring them to your local branch . Or, contact one of our lenders to schedule an appointment.