Consumer Loans

Consumer loans with fixed rates and terms to fit your budget are available to qualified buyers to fill any of your personal needs. Before you purchase that car, or any other major item, reach out to us.

  • Smart-E Loans

    Smart-E Loans offer long-term, low-interest financing through participating lenders to help Connecticut residents make home energy improvements.

  • Personal / Home Improvement Loans

    Unsecured Personal Loans. Minimum loan amount is $1,000. Maximum $15,000. Maximum term is 60 months.  We also offer Unsecured Home Improvement Loans for your home improvement projects.  Minimum loan amount is $3,000. Maximum $50,000.  Terms from 36 months to 144 months.  Other terms and conditions may apply.

  • Vehicle Loans

    At Eastern Connecticut Savings Bank we offer a variety of vehicle loans. Looking to finance a car or truck? Whatever your need, we’re here to help. Our rates are low and our application process is simple.

  • Collateral Loans

    Low interest rate loans secured by your Eastern Connecticut Savings Bank Passbook Savings or Certificate of Deposit Account

  • Overdraft Protection Line

    With Overdraft Protection from Eastern Connecticut Savings Bank, you have access to funds to cover the occasional overdraft, (up to your pre-established credit limit). You can also use your card at any ATM or retail outlet where MasterCard is accepted. It's like having a Line of Credit on your Checking Account! Credit approval is required. Certain fees apply.


Visit your local branch or call us at 860.889.7381 for more information or to complete an application.

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