Customer Testimonials

Hank’s Dairy Bar

Over the years we forgot what a bank should be. We were more than numbers on the checking account or statement report. We were hard working self-employed individuals and our money and time were important to us. Our old bank was just that, our old bank. When we walked into Eastern CT Savings Bank we were greeted with a smile and an acknowledging hello and it wasn’t long before it turned into a cheery “Good Morning Scott” as I approached the counter.

Now don’t get me wrong, great service is just one aspect of a good bank, however their checking and savings for both home and business were above average along with great financial advice. As a business owner I understand what it takes to please the public and produce a consistent product and we at Hank’s hope to have a strong relationship with Eastern for many years to come.

Thank you Eastern CT Savings.

Scott Zurowski
Hank’s Dairy Bar

Collins & Jewell Company

We began banking with Eastern due to their “out of the box” way of thinking as it pertained to the financing of our new building. Other banks wanted us to inject more equity prior to financing to fill the “gap” of actual construction costs versus appraised value. Eastern was well connected with other agencies that helped us fill that gap and made the completion of our building a reality.

Since that time our daily banking experiences have been great. We are very pleased with the level of service, flexibility, availability and family friendliness of everyone on the Eastern team. It makes banking a very “painless” experience which is different than what we are used to.

Brian Dudek & Chris Jewell
3rd Generation Owners
Collins & Jewell Company