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Covid-19 Update

Our lobbies are open and we’re excited to welcome you back!  Please CLICK HERE for more information on branch hours and updates on our response to COVID-19.

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Information for Debit Card Holders

Due to concerns relating to security and identity fraud, Eastern CT Savings Bank prohibits ATM or debit card transactions in certain locations.

Blocked Debit Card Transactions in Foreign Countries/Areas: Due to fraudulent debit card activity, the following countries are blocked for all debit card transactions:

Australia, Angola, Algeria, Benin, Brazil, Chile, China, Cameroon, Egypt, Ivory Coast, Libya, Morocco, Mozambique, Nigeria, Russia, Senegal, South Africa, Syria, Thailand, Tanzania, Tunisia and Zimbabwe. In all other foreign countries/areas, PIN based transactions (ATM’s, transactions where PIN is entered) are permitted.

We will not be able to unblock these countries, so if your travel plans include them, please be sure to have another form of payment available. Our ongoing desire to protect our customers is very important to us. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

These blocked locations may change from time to time based on fraudulent activity.

Domestic Restrictions: There are no restrictions if you are using your chip card at a chip card enabled terminal.  Transactions at a terminal that is not chip card enabled carry the following restrictions:

Signature based transactions at gas station terminals pay at the pump are currently being restricted. PIN based transactions will not be affected. Signature based transactions over $50 in the state of New York and Nevada are currently being restricted. PIN based transactions and signature based transactions of $50 or less will not be affected.

Traveling with your Debit Card

If you intend to travel within the United States or internationally, let us know your dates of travel and the cities/countries you will be visiting. For extra security, we have developed a fraud protection program which monitors activity and looks for suspicious or unusual transactions not normally associated with your card. Your card may be blocked for potential fraudulent use if our card processor, Fiserv Fraud Prevention Services, is unable to reach you to verify your transactions. Please notify us of any address or phone number changes.

Please call any one of our branches or use our toll free number 1.888.226.5911

Monday through Friday 9am – 5pm to notify us of your travel plans.

To report a lost or stolen card after business hours, please call 1-833-337-6075

Others ways for you to access your account or have money when traveling –

1) Use a personal credit card.

2) ATM Card.

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